Runtime Error 438 Fix – MS Excel And Visual Basic

debugThe Visual Basic and Microsoft Excel macros error, also known as the Runtime error 438. It is caused by erroneous macros that prevent your Excel and Visual Basic from running smoothly. Having this error on your computer is annoying particularly if you always use the Excel and Visual Basic. So fixing it in the most thorough way is your only option.

Fixing the macro itself would be the obvious solution for this one. However, you need to determine whether the macro your using is just outdated (updates of your Microsoft Excel may cause this) or if the macro itself just does not work at all. The easy way out would be downgrading your Excel back to its previous version. However, it is not advisable.

To completely fix this error, you need to uninstall your Excel add-in that comes with the Microsoft Office. This add-in usually creates conflict with other third-party programs, particularly the macros. Simply go to Start, Control Pane, then Remove Programs. This will stop any further conflict between your macros.

After uninstalling the add-in, you will need to run the Microsoft hotfix #50356. The #50356 is specially created to fix the problem that is caused by the 438 error. With this, your system will be back to running smoothly, without having the need to remove any more software. Related article –

As with all errors and viruses, the best preventative measure would be to use a registry cleaner. The Runtime 438 error occurs when the registry database is corrupted. It would be in your best interest to use the registry cleaner to prevent further errors. Keep in mind that the registry database is the primary storage system for all the files on your computer. Search online and download the cleaner as this program will ensure that your Windows system is running efficiently. Perform the steps mentioned above to remove all the errors for good.


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