Buying Instrumental Beats

beatsOne of the best places to find and buy rap beats is online. There are a lot of artists out there that offer their work at an affordable price. Most professional beat producers provide formats in 16 bit CD, mp3, and 24-bit wav. Having the instrumental beats on all these formats is necessary to make the mix.

Instrumental beats are used as a background music for a video or the base for a newly created song. Whatever it is for, you can find a lot of unique and versatile beats for sale online. You will find a lot of styles, from gangster to club music. Keep in mind that beat you choose must be in sync with the music you represent. A happy and relaxed tune won’t go together with a dark fast moving beat.

Don’t forget to read the download and lease rights. The types of rights you can purchase together with the instrumental beats is one of the most important factors you need to consider. The download rights are the cheapest type of right that you can purchase. However, this is just for personal production, something you’ll just show your friends and peers, not something you can profit from. The lease right is the other alternative. This lets you purchase and use an instrumental beat for an agreed period. Most of the time, lease rights also comes with a condition wherein the user will be limited as to where he can use the beats as well as the limit of money the user can earn before the beat producer receives royalties.

The best option and them most expensive one are the exclusive rights. This is for the serious artists that intend to go all the way for their production. Full fledged songs and mass distribution. When you purchase exclusive rights, the ownership of a specific beat will then be transferred to you. There is also no limit on how much you can make from it. The original creators of the beats will have given up the rights to the instrumental beats and therefore not entitled to any royalties.

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