What Is A Tactical Vest

Any police or military professional will tell you that tactical vest is a crucial gear in every mission they do. They are able to fit in different gears that can help them like GPS, communication equipment, map, ammunition and many more. It is a highly functional part of the overall gear.


Aside from the police and military, hunter and fishing hobbyist enjoy wearing a tactical vest because of its large number of pockets that can easily be reached. They can easily get and return items from the pockets with ease. They are designed to hold knives, tools, first aid kits and different gadgets. There are also waterproof versions of this vest in the market today which makes it more viable for a hunter and fisher enthusiast. The paintball industry is also a consumer for these tactical vest. They have specially made vest which has foam inserts that can provide protection from a direct hit.

A tactical vest can be worn over a shirt. If it is cold you can wear a jacket over it. If you are items are in a bag you will need to stop and bend over to open your bag. Being able to easily reach an item fast and efficient makes a big difference whether you are just camping or in a serious situation like with most military and police personnel.

There are different designs in camouflage for a tactical vest. You will need to know which environment you will be using it before making a choice to buy one. Camouflage can give you a great advantage especially for hunters.

As for the price, you will get more features as the price go up. Being able to choose easily online enables you to compare and check for reviews which is better. You will not need a bullet proof vest if you are just an enthusiast. These kinds of vest cost a lot compared to lightweight ones.

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