Common Questions Regarding Wigs

blonde lace front wigs

So you have decided to get a wig but is troubled with a lot of questions. Here is a list of common questions that people have before buying their first wig:

Will it be comfortable to wear?

At first it is a little awkward wearing something on your hair but eventually, through time you wouldn’t even notice it.

Does the wig stay put? What if the wind blows suddenly?

Whether you have a blonde wig or a curly wig it will hold. There are tapes and adhesives you can use to keep it in place. Don’t worry too much about it. These products were tested beforehand to handle different situations. Some wigs even have clips sewn to keep them secure. If you have a sensitive scalp be sure to test all three to make sure there are no irritation.

Will a wig look natural to me?

There different variations to every wig. The only way to check if it looks natural is to wear it. The size of the lace can affect the look. The volume of the hair as well its shine have to be checked carefully to prevent looking like you are actually wearing a wig. The goal is to look natural as much as possible.

When do I replace a wig?

It depends on how often you use it and the kind of wig you have. A good synthetic wig that is worn daily can last up to 8 weeks. For a human hair wig, it can last years. You may notice split ends on a human hair wig. It is perfectly natural. You may trim it a bit to remove the split ends.

Can I swim or exercise with a wig?

There are wigs for those activities. But for the normal wig, it is not recommended. There will be build up on the fibers which can damage and eventually ruin it.

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